What will you find here?

In this website you will find a library of missions created for students in mobility. They are short and simple training modules based on gamification of learning, that put the learner at the center of the learning path design and process, leading to the development of key competences before, during and after the mobility.

In practical terms, here you will find challenges, quests, treasure hunts and much more that can be mostly played in autonomy by students

How to create your learner journey?

The missions are categorised according to the mobility phase, namely before, during and after, and based on the main key competence they boost.

They have been conceived to be adapted and used in all contexts. Thus, teachers and trainers only need to choose the ones that better suit their needs according to the profile of the students and the duration of the mobility and adapt it to their contexts, if needed. Even better, students can to create their own learner journey autonomously or with the support of their teachers.

Here below you are able to search the missions according to the to the phase of the mobility, (before, during and after), on the key competence you are willing to focus on and Key words

You will also find some practical examples for their implementation in some specific countries (Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Netherlands) that you can use or adapt in case the student’s country of destination is different.

We suggest choosing at least 3 missions for each step of the mobility for each international learner. They are ready to use and have a description with all technical details needed. For each mission you are able to download the pdf version that will support students in its realisation.

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