Description of the mission

Connect with your friends to introduce them the real world of mobility.

Aim of the mission

To help the pre-departure students understand various contexts of a mobility, support them in the preparation process, equip them with actual knowledge derived from others’ experiences, motivate them to engage actively in their future mobilities and provide means to deal with potential risks, fears (e.g. the language barrier). Sample  topics: managing pocket money, doing shopping, language barrier, communicating at work, anecdotes/funny moments etc.

Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
Prepare cases to present to your audience; think and  include these elements: What happened, When, Who was involved, How you acted, How it finished. Text
Create an intriguing introduction for each case to set the mood and help your friends get in the context better. Text
Write questions for players – “What would you do?” etc. Text
Prepare for a debrief session to draw conclusions, facilitate discussion, help formulate “best practices bank” or “TO-DOs collection”. Text

Technical details

Time needed

1,5 hours

Tips & Tricks

Why don’t you organise  a webinar or a zoom meeting?




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

QR code generator, MIRO or Jamboard or Padlet; Instagram

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