Funded by Erasmus+, the VET Learner Journey is a cooperation project for innovation and exchange of good practices (Key Action 2), implemented from November 2018 till April 2021.

The partnership of 9 organizations (VET providers, mobility providers and a technical expert) from 5 different countries (Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Poland) worked together with the purposes of increasing their mutual understanding, exchanging their experience in learners mobility but especially for creating new pedagogical tools and methodologies  to foster the development of students key competences before, during and after their experience abroad.

The idea was born from a need to support the  innovation of the school system through the integration of learning mobility experience in VET curricula and focused on key competences development  and gamification of learning.

The idea was to stretch the educational timeframe of mobility, making the learning process begin before the internship starts and continue till the student come back home. This happens by developing an experience-based online game supporting students in reflecting, learning and becoming aware of the key competences they develop all along their mobility experience.

Based on the partnership common needs and experience, good practices have been identify and constitute the basis for the design of three thematic events that were carried out physically (before and during the mobility) and online (after the mobility).

The staff participating in the events developed quests, missions, games and challenges to stimulate students’ learning all along the different stages of their mobility experience.

During the first two training event a piloting of the missions were organised with the students of the hosting VET institutes.

The piloting of the online training event was done remotely due to the pandemic circumstances.