Uniser (Italy) is a mobility provider, its team design and organize turnkey international mobility programs for VET learners. This work aims at making Erasmus the future of training systems and of the business sector, to make learning mobility a part of the educational programs everywhere by facilitating its processes.

Cnos Fap – National Federation (Italy) coordinates the Italian Salesian VET centres who provide a public service in vocational guidance, initial, higher and continuous vocational education and training. In Italy, they are present in 16 regions (60 centers) but are present in 133 countries (active in 108).

Sepr (France) is a school for professional trainings and counts more than 3500 students. For more than 30 years the school has been implementing an international policy in order to enhance its mobility and enable each of its students to live an experience abroad.

Asociacion Mundus (Spain) is a mobility provider and a VET center in the Zaragoza region and at European level. The association was funded by people passionate about learning mobility and cultural exchange, as well as into support of educational policies for contributing to fight youth unemployment levels in Spain and Europe.

Institut Puig Castellar (Spain) is the coordinator of a consortium of 5 institutions working in Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona area): 3 VET school, 1 youth organization and the local education authority. The consortium has an office dedicated only to Erasmus projects, that allow to provide mobility experience for 80 students yearly and also to host foreign students and implement international activities at home.

Mode Foundation (Poland) is an organisation dedicated on fostering mobility and education among young people and adults, with special focus on the preparation of the beneficiaries for the challenges of the labour market. They developed a vast network and count now 30 schools from 4 different regions in Poland.

Zespół Szkół Ponadpodstawowych Nr 2 is a public upper secondary school and is comprised of 3 entities: a technical vocational schools, a general education high school and a vocational school. Their VET center counts more than 250 students and their staff is in constant search of development to enhance the educational processes.

Roc Da Vinci (Netherlands) offers vocational training programs in different sectors and a wide variety of contract programmes is offered, as well as basic education for adults. They think that international activities, like mobility for students and staff, will help to get prepared for / work at the international labour market and to be a responsible and contributing citizen.

Un Goût d’Illusion (France) is our technical expert on this project. They dedicate themselves to helping (in priority but not exclusively) creators of the artistic and cultural sectors, giving their projects ground to emerge and to evolve towards a greater autonomy and a professional, structured and secured approach. Their company developed the app Daytripper, a digital logbook that has been used within this project.