What's Learner Journey?!

The VET Learner Journey  is an Erasmus+ co funded project that aim to enhance students’ internship abroad through the development of  key competences.

The project main objectives are:

– Improve the understanding of the different learning dimensions of the international mobility experience;

– Raise awareness of autonomous learning processes as well as gamification;

– Exchange good practices in the field of ICT for enhancing the key competence of students throughout the mobility; 

– To raise awareness in VET providers and experts of mobility on new methodologies that put students at the center of the learning process before, during and after the mobility abroad through the use of ICTs.

With this purpose the partnership developed lots of  missions to be played  throughout all the mobility experience: during the preparation for the mobility, meanwhile students are abroad and after they come back in their home country.

Thanks to this website you will be able to download these missions and create your own VET learner journey by selecting the one you suits you the most according to the learners’ interest, the characteristics of their internship and their expected learning outcomes.