Description of the mission

Let’s play kahoot. The kahoot is addressed to other students who were not involved in mobility projects and they might apply in the future. Create a kahoot quiz of 10 questions for making them prepared! 

Aim of the mission

Encourage students who took part in mobility to promote the concept of mobility by their experience. Show other pupils the value of learning mobility and motivate them to go abroad by  sharing  some piece of knowledge they acquired. Implement peer to peer learning.

Key Competence


Cultural questions: What’s the most weird/new thing you learnt abroad… Make out a question to the audience about it. Then Make a video in order to show the wired/ new cultural insight you get (this is should be included in the answer as a slide)
Create a question about what to put in  luggage when going in a country during some specific month (ej. Zaragoza in December).
Make a question about the language. Guess what one sentence of a foreign language means in your own language. Make a video that helps to guess the meaning of the sentence
Multiple choice questions:

–  Show a picture of a typical food and ask about the name or the recipe

-famous person in the foreing country and ask which is his/her profession (football player, actress etc)

Technical details

Time needed

30 minutes

Tips & Tricks

Add new questions that can be interesting for students that will be leaving for mobility in the near future


In team 

Internet needed


Suitable Apps


Download in PDF