Description of the mission

Have you ever talked with the you of the future? Would you like to do it now? Erasmus experience could be intense, a revolution for your life! Today is your first day of experience, I am sure you are living many emotions and you are thinking many things.

Let’s grab a pen and write a letter… to whom? Well, to yourself!

Aim of the mission

To increase self reflection of students, thinking  about what they will learn or expect.

Key Competence

Personal Social and learning to learn

Instructions Type of answer
Talk to your classmates and find a place where you can all write your letter with calm. NA
Start writing your letter, it has has to regard what you expect to live, to learn, the fears and expectation that you think will occur during the mobility experience. Send us a photo of you writing it! Text
Close the letter in an envelope and keep it in a safety place. Where will you keep it? Text

Technical details

Time needed

1 hour

Tips & Tricks

Do this activity in the really beginning of your internship and once back home discuss with your mates what happened and how are you changed since you wrote the letter 





Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Action bound

Download in PDF