Description of the mission

Would you like to become a sing start using a foreign language? Let’s start singing and front the challenge to tell tongue twisters in the language of your host country!

Aim of the mission

Learn more about other cultures and languages, especially the pronunciation through tongue twister and easy songs. Also to create a link between students of different cultures.

Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
Search for a poem, song or tongue twister in your local language and tell us its name. Teach it to a local person in your host country. Text
Then ask your partner to teach you the same in its language, tell us its name. And try it! Text
Record a video about the process and the final result, explain what sounds were more difficult for each language. Video

Technical details

Time needed

30 minutes

Tips & Tricks

Try to redo this with one of your classmate once back home




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

video editing apps

Download in PDF