Description of the mission

Compose a team and think about mobility experience. Take a look at pictures you took during mobility and choose this which shows other cultures in the best and inspired way. Prepare a photo gallery and be a guide for visitors. Promote your exhibition (eg. flyer or online).

Aim of the mission

Collect the best memories of cultural experience. Inspire others. Develop teamwork skills. Disseminate project results. Develop communication skills.

Key Competence

Personal Social and Learning to learn

Instructions Type of answer
Select with your team photos you want to show to the public. Text
Find inspiration, think about the story which is behind the photos and be ready to tell it to the audience. Text
Take care about good quality photos, print photos, think about material you will need and about a place for install an exhibition. Text
Do the promotion through social media and organise exhibition link of social media

Technical details

Time needed

6-10 hours

Tips & Tricks

Organizations of the gallery should have feedback from visitors (if they like it or what can be improved). Collect strong points and weaknesses of your event.


Individual or in team



Internet needed


Suitable Apps


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