Description of the mission

You already came back from your learning mobility and now you are the expert! Think about your experience and about evidence you collected. E.g. all the photos, videos and other materials you’ve gathered. How and what would you like to share with students that are interested in participating in a mobility experience? It’s time to share your expert’s knowledge and convince the others that they can participate! Be creative and think about organise workshop together. 

Aim of the mission

The aim of the mission is to put the learners in the center of organization of the dissemination event. This way we can concentrate the format of the workshops and their contents on the materials the students already have and based on their experiences. Also, it leaves space to the students to provide useful information to the learners who didn’t participate yet in mobility.

Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
Reflect on your mobility experience: what tips would you like to share? What experiences? In what form? Was there something you wish you knew before you left? Text
Meet with your mates for a brainstorming session! Bring all the materials you have about your internship abroad and bring your head full of ideas! Text
Let’s create a workshop during which you could spread your experience and knowledge. Use peer to peer learning. Text

Technical details

Time needed

4 hours


In Team


Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps


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