Description of the mission

Your task will be to create the dream country. Create a map, describe following aspects, political system, career path, rights and responsibilities, educational systems and health care system.

Aim of the mission

Raising awareness of different mechanism in different country. E.G. social, cultural, political, ect.

Raising interest in the political situation in different countries.

Inspiring in deeper reflection on these topics.

Key Competence

Cultural awareness and expression

Instructions Type of answer
Think about different given issues and solution  in different countries. Hunt the treasure and take best practices. Text
Draw a map of the country with landscape, rivers, cities… Image
Describe the giving issues. Present the created country, be prepared to answer the questions. NA

Technical details

Time needed

2 hours

Tips & Tricks

Compare your plan with your mates and discuss with them solutions to do more with the same budget.




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Power point

Download in PDF