Description of the mission

Ready for the travel? Have you checked everything: language, documents, boarding pass? but, what does it really happens when you put your first step abroad? Imagine and solve the following situations you will find on the way.

Aim of the mission

Avoid anxiety linked to mobility abroad. Motivate learners by giving them responsibilities in their preparation for mobility.

Secure basic knowledge of foreign language.


Key competence

Personal and Social Learning

Instructions Type of answer
Download a web mapping application on your mobile phone (e.g. moovit,  maps, etc.) and calculate your itinerary with public transport from the airport to your accommodation (be sure to put your arrival date and approximate arrival time). Upload a picture screenshot of your itinerary. Picture
How much is the ticket for your itinerary? Check your app’s itinerary details, check the airport website, etc. Table: Activity + budget
Check the right sentence for asking to the driver in English and in the local language which is the right stop for your accommodation Text

Technical details

Time needed

30 minutes

Tips & Tricks

Verify with your teacher / tutor if you took the fastest itinerary. You could also check for a second itinerary in case you can’t take the first one for any reason.




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Moovit / Goggle maps

Download in PDF