Description of the mission

Let’s get blind! How would you get to your destination? How would you trust to guide you if you don’t speak the language?  Will you be able to end up in one piece? Let’s find out!

Aim of the mission

Team working/building and get to trust.

Improve communication skills.

Key Competence

Personal and Social Learning  to learn


Blind person: one student who will have the eyes covered 

Guide: one student who will tell the instruction to the blind student. The guide will not see in the creation of the path

The obstacles maker: two or three students who develop the path

The observer: one student who just see the situation and will give feedback. 

First level: the instructions will be in the mother tongue of participants

Second level: do another path or the same, and this time guide the person in a different language, for example, the language of the internship country. They would learn simple direction words.

Reflexion time:

  • How felt the “blind” person?
  • What were the difficulties?

Technical details

Time needed

1 hour

Tips & Tricks

Try to redo this game with foreign friends later in your internship.


In Team


Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps


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