Description of the mission

Do you know this new city? Like Alice following the rabbit, follow the Actionbound instructions.

Aim of the mission

Increase digital competences and develop orientation senses and cultural knowledge.

Key Competence


Go to the first spot (geolocalisation). Result = get 2 letters : ST
Go to the second spot (geolocalisation). Result = get 2 letters : RE
Go to the third spot (geolocalisation). Result = get 2 letters : ET
Go to the fourth spot (geolocalisation). Result = get 2 letters : ART

“Congrats you have visited the four most known street arts in the city”

Technical details

Instruction for supervisors

Host organisation should prepare a map or an action bound with geolocalisation of 3 murals in the city

Time needed

Depends on the geolocalisation

Tips & Tricks

Try to find the meanings on the art pieces you’ve seen during this trip!


Team / Individual 


Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Action bound / Google Maps

Download in PDF