Description of the mission

Lots of rich and famous people started from scratch (e.g. Coco Chanel, Steve Jobs). Do you want to develop your entrepreneurial skills and improve your marketing techniques? If so, this is the activity for you!

Aim of the mission

Develop entrepreneurial skills and marketing/trading strategies.  Improve communication and socializing skills in a foreign language.

Pay attention: it has to be clear for the group that the main goal of the mission is to convince people to exchange something with something else. In ANY CASE theft is NOT allowed.

Instructions Type of answer
Create teams of 2 to 3 people. Take a picture and share it with the other teams of your group Text
Your goal now is to exchange or sell a pen with other objects. After each exchange, you have to get an object with a higher value compared to the previous one. Try to make as many exchanges as possible to get the most valuable thing you can get. NA
List us the object you exchanged. Text
Take a picture of each team with their final object in hand ! Picture

Technical details

Time needed

2 hour

Tips & Tricks

Discuss together of your trade method, what worked best or not 

Go with the group in the main square, in a popular space of the city centre or in a place like a mall, define the action area and give them a limited time. In this way you can supervise them in an easy way while they will have enough people to do exchanges.




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps


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