Description of the mission

Based on learning outcomes you reached you now will reflect on your learning process and how your approach to new challenges has changed after the internship.

Aim of the mission

Self-reflection, increasing awareness about one’s learning process. Turn it into a visual form to make it more attractive. 

Key Competence

Personal Social and learning to learn

Instructions Type of answer
Think about your comfort zone before mobility: what were the things/person/thought that made you comfortable. Text
Create a poster representing your comfort zone before your Erasmus experience. Poster / Infographic 
What happens during mobility? How does the comfort zone change? What did you learn from that? Text
Living oversive gives us the possibility to learn new things. Think about the challenge you lived during your experience (at least three) and explain how you faced them and how they affected you. What did you learn? How do you realise you learn that? Compare it with the comfort zone you had before mobility and how it changes. Text

Technical details

Time needed

2 hours




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps


Additional details 

TRAINER ROLE: It’s necessary to have a proper reflection time in order to create a comfortable zone to think about the previous comfort zone and how this changes shape and colour during the mobility. 

Trainer can choose which is the instrument in which he/she feels more comfortable with the student: if it is with a digital tool, or with artistic-creative tools.

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