Description of the mission

Discover and try  the food of the country in which you will do your mobility. Try to cook a typical meal and share your experience with your friends and family! 

Aim of the mission

Prepare the learners to discover new taste abroad and open their mind to new culinary experience.


Key Competence

Cultural awareness and expression

Instructions Type of answer
Choose a typical meal, easy to make, of your host country Digit the meal you’ve chose
Search in internet its recipe and get the ingredients! Paste the website of the recipe 
Prepare the meal and share your experience on social media and send a screen of your post. Record each step to prepare the meal with a picture, text… Image

Technical details

Time needed

1 hour (max)

Tips & Tricks

Compare your plan with your mates and discuss with them solutions to do more with the same budget.

You can create a story of your baking experience by using Daytripper, instagram, tik tok and facebook.




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Daytripper /Instagram/Facebook

Download in PDF