Description of the mission

This activity will allow you to discover some interesting cultural aspects of your hosting and your own country.

Aim of the mission

Open learners minds to cultural differences and avoid preconceptions about foreign countries. Give learners basic knowledge about the local culture of their hosting country.


Key Competence

Cultural awareness and expression

Instructions Type of answer
Food: Search for the most famous local dish you want to try and send us a picture! Picture
Music: Find the most famous local song in your host country and the most famous one their from your own country, share the links with us! Link
Culture: Choose 3 words to describe your country and three to describe your host country. Text
Culture: Reflect on your country, what aspect of its culture do you like the most and which do you dislike the most ? To the same on what you know of your host country. Text

Technical details

Time needed

1 hour (max)

Tips & Tricks

You can turn this mission into an Action Bound to make it more fun!

See with your classmates their discovery and share with them yours, why not make a presentation?




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Action bound

Download in PDF