Description of the mission

Create  your own playlist and name. use any kind of music platform to create it and to share it with your friends. Link your playlist with other social media channels.

Aim of the mission

To share memories of the mobility period by reproducing local music. To get familiar with international and foreing music.

Key Competence

Cultural awareness and expression

Instructions Type of answer
Choose the music platform you prefer (e.g. Spotify, Youtube). Text
Choose local songs which remind you of your stay in the hosting country (during mobility) and create a playlist. link to playlist
Select music to add to the playlist and share it with other social media channels. link to playlist

Technical details

Time needed

1 hour

Tips & Tricks

Start following the playlist of your mates that went in mobility to discover new songs 




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Spotify/ Youtube

Download in PDF