Description of the mission

Have you ever been a director of a movie?
Have you ever been the director of your boss? 

This is your moment, show us your movie (and work) skills!

Aim of the mission

  • To present with a video the Job Learning outcomes reached during the Erasmus experience (done by the students who realize the mobility.
  • To use the video with the students interested in doing the mobility oversize.

Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
DURING THE MOBILITY: Record videos during work time. Focus and thinks about moments at work that you like and to record short video of them. Video
DURING THE MOBILITY:  Interview some of your  workmates in their mother tongue, in order to let the audience understand what kind of work you’re doing and in what consist of this work. Questions needs to be related to your job Video
AFTER THE MOBILITY:  Make a video in which you share your  thoughts about what you learnt during the mobility. Video
AFTER THE MOBILITY: Edit your videos you made and make a video that last not more than 5 minutes. include subtitles on your mother tongue. Present it in your classroom and share it with your hosting organisation Video

Technical details

Time needed

15 hours

Tips & Tricks

You can play in team in case more than one students have done the internship in the same company.




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Video editing apps that allow inserting subtitles

Download in PDF