Description of the mission

Collect shocking experiences and create a Survival Kit related to the cultural shock that you experienced during your mobility to support the students coming in the same country after you.

Do you want to know more about Culture Shock? Read here.

Aim of the mission

Reflect about cultural knowledge gained in a foreign country and transfer it to ease the cultural shock for other students who will leave after the group.

Key Competence

Personal, social and learning to learn

Instructions Type of answer
Recall  the cultural shock experiences you had so far. Text
Underline points in common or differences with your country. You can answer with a text or a quick video. Text or video
Prepare a survival kit (a collection of the things that shocked you most) for next participants coming to the country you are in and advises). Video or text

Technical details

Time needed

3 hours

Tips & Tricks

Compare your plan with your mates and discuss with them solutions to do more with the same budget.




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Editing video and apps

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