Description of the mission

– Increasing awareness  about self development reached during mobility, related to all aspects of mobility (house, work, intercultural learning, sharing, language…)

– Create a few videos about transversal competences to show other students the value of those skills. Publish it on social media.

Aim of the mission

What do you think is the biggest knowledge you achieve during the Erasmus?

What changes in your daily life? How does that affect you?

Think about small things you have learnt, make a video about it, and share it with your friend.

Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
Discover what Key competence are here: NA
Choose 2 transversal skills you would like to talk about because you can feel a difference between what you were before the mobility, and your actual you (during or after the mobility) NA
Create a scenario and make a short video related to the skills you choose. If it is easy for you, you can create a doble scenario: the one before the mobility, and the one after the mobility. Video
Publish it on social media and share with your friends. Remember to use the hashtag (#Erasmus #VetLearnerJourney #SocialCompetence #InterculturalLearning #Nameofyourschool) Screenshot

Technical details

Time needed

3 hours




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Video editing app

Download in PDF