Description of the mission

By analyzing one’s own culture, some sociological items can be revealed, some being very obvious, others being a little more hidden : deeper below the surface of the water… Which values are similar in each country? Which are different? Is one of them better? Is it relevant to use the word “better”…? Become the anthropologist that you know you are!

Aim of the mission

Get familiar with Edward T. Hall’s “cultural iceberg” concept

Key Competence

Cultural awareness and expression

Instructions Type of answer
After your teacher/tutor presentation try to put them on a scale going from the most visible to the least visible in their own culture (BEFORE DEPARTURE). Text
Share your findings with the group/classroom NA
(DURING THE MOBILITY) Take the same items and operate in the same fashion. The goal is hence to collect information and photos in an ethnographic spirit, and upload them in the Daytripper. Text
Back in your country, present again your “findings” to your peers. Discuss the most relevant ones, putting in perspective the concept of not only the iceberg, but also of cultural relativism. (AFTER). Power point presentation

Technical details

Time needed

1 hour before, 4 hours during, 1 hour after


Individual with restitution in group 


Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps


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