Description of the mission

Do you know what to do in your spare time in your new city?

Help other students with your own recommendations and become a travel influencer!

The student who do all the activities and create the history in a funny way will win a  ticket for a cultural visit.

Aim of the mission

Improve cultural awareness by making them curious to share discoveries.


Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
Create a Hashtag of your team in your destination city. Text
Make a list of traditional things to do in the city (food to eat, concert to assist, public, places to see…) and each member of the team publish it in your favourite social media. Screenshot
Attend of the  events they found and publish a picture about it and include the hashtag and a brief description of it Screenshot

Technical details

Time needed

3 hours

Tips & Tricks

Discuss together the ways for properly take the best out of social networks.


In team


Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Instagram, Facebook, Tik tok, twitter

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