Description of the mission

The students have to organise a Q&A quiz live on Instagram where they share their mobility experience abroad. In order to plan the event well, they have to reflect about topics they want to discuss and about potential questions that they might receive from the audience. They have to plan the promotion of the event and test Instagram settings before you start the activity.

Students can either decide to do it individually or in a team. 

Aim of the mission

Challenge your students and help them organise, plan and lead an online event. This activity will allow students to experience a different context and make them  lead an “event” presenting their experience to an unknown audience. Students will need to use their own language but using an engaging and captivating language.

Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
Define all the details of the activity based on the  topic you would like to cover. Look in tips and tricks for some suggestions of topic Text
Promote the activity through your social network (Instagram) at least one week before and send a reminder to your audience one day before. Use a charming and attractive language. Text
Live stream: introduce it and  show a symbolical object representing your mobility and share an anecdote linked with it. Cover the topics and the schedule you decide. Text
Ask your audience a few questions:

– Ask the main feature of the country they are going to.

– What the are the fears when going abroad (students’ own, their families as well)


Technical details

Time needed

2 hour

Tips & Tricks

Here you find some suggested topic: Economic Newspaper (how to manage the budget you have); Cultural insights (Routines and customs, an anecdote); Working environment (How to deal with an intercultural issue you might encounter); Language tips (Is it better  to have some basic skills  of the hosting country or is English enough)


Individual or in team



Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Instagram and facebook

Download in PDF