Description of the mission

Human history is made by scientific inventions. Our daily routine is plenty of tools and instruments invented by someone in some days. Do you know what was discovered in the city you are going to live your mobility experience?

Aim of the mission

Increase cultural awareness of the learner towards its hosting country.

Key Competence

Mathematical, science, technology and engineering

Instructions Type of answer
You have 2 hours to tell the 6 the most curious discovery/invention made in the city where you are going to live your mobility experience. Text
For each curiosity, take a picture and comment on a  text. Try to be original, if another participant will find the same invection you will not gain any points! Picture

Technical details

Time needed

2 hours

Tips & Tricks

Why not make a competition out of it ? The person with less points has to prepare a local meals from his/her future host country for the rest of the group !




Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Daytripper , instagram, facebook

Download in PDF