Description of the mission

Welcome to the past! It’s 1986 and there’s no technology that you can use to orient yourself. You are in a foreign country and you need to reach some places so you’ll have to ask people to give you the instructions about how to arrive to your destination. For all task record the conversation.

Split into small teams, decide a meeting point, and make it a friendly competition: the first  arrived will be the winner!

Aim of the mission

Improve their communication skills and expand their vocabulary without the use of digital support.

Key Competence


Prepare in advance the correct expressions for asking the directions in the local language
Draw someone’s attention in the street, greet and start a conversation to ask directions.
Be sure you understand the directions (use direction vocabulary).
Reformulate to see if you have correctly understood the indications.

Technical details

Time needed

30 minutes

Tips & Tricks

Ask to different people for learning different directions expression


In team


Group with supervisor

Internet needed


Suitable Apps


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