Description of the mission

Challenge your friends who have never taken part in  mobility and discover how much they know about the country you visited. Design workshop where the learners that have never travelled or have small traveling experience have to connect situations (statements written on pieces of papers) on the map to the country where they think the situation happened. They can then scan a QR code on the map to get access to the answer : they see a video of the student who went abroad explaining the situation!

Aim of the mission

The students who already have been in mobility share some of the experiences living abroad with the friends who didn’t take part in any mobility but would like to do so. Promotion of mobility.

Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
Choose a sentence related each of the following categories: a surprising fact, a food I never ate before, a situation I couldn’t understand, a habit I liked that I would continue in my country. Write each of them on a piece of paper. Text
Shoot a video explaining and giving a context to the situations he put in the pieces of paper. Video
Prepare the QR code for every video and a map with QR codes. QR codes
Organize workshop and share you experience with the others people that are willing to go in mobility. Publish a picture of the event in social media channels. Picture

Technical details

Time needed

1 hour

Tips & Tricks


Individual and in team



Internet needed


Suitable Apps

App for the QR code generation

Download in PDF