Description of the mission

Dear student, you are going to create a video…! Yes, yes. Why not? So, you have collected different interviews, you made some videos, you have pictures, you analysed your experience abroad? Now it’s time to sum up your experience and share it with the universe. We will give some instructions on how to do it and which aspect you should focus on.

Aim of the mission

Develop awareness of the mobility experience (in terms of competences acquired, new information, knowledge and understanding of another culture) and enhance communication skills through digital tools for informing/mentoring others.

Key Competence


Instructions Type of answer
Analyse and select some materials gathered during the experience abroad. You must cover at least one of the following aspects: competences developed,  difference in the working culture, working practices between your home and host country, the importance of mobility for personal growth. Text
Based on the material you have, select the social media network most suitable  for you (tik tok, instagram, facebook, whatsapp,  telegram etc….) Text
Reorganise, edit your material and create a post and add a description (can be either a text or a video); Hashtag your school once you get the teacher’s validation. Link
Once you finished challenge one classmate or internship peer to do the same Text

Technical details

Time needed

3 hours

Tips & Tricks

Material should be prepared before leaving your country and enriched during the mobility. The goal has to be clear from the start : you will have to report about your experience and make your peers “live it”.





Internet needed


Suitable Apps

Any social network that the school uses the most

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